With this course you can improve or learn the lathe technique from scratch.
Classes are made up of only 4 students,
Each course consists of four sessions of 2 hours each. (8 total hours per month).
All our students have a high-end electric lathe during the two hours that the session lasts.
You can use 2 kilos of clay per session, use of enamels, biscuit burning and enamel burning.
You will relate to the clay by learning the kneading technique and subsequent shaping of a piece with the potter's wheel technique.
You will begin by understanding how to use the lathe, later you will learn to center the clay and turn a 500 gr cylinder. Always under the supervision of the teacher.
👉 $420,000 (4 months, 16 sessions 32 hrs.)
👉 $600,000 (6 months, 24 sessions 48 hours.)

To register, write to us and ensure your participation!